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Stephanie Yamkovenko is head of digital marketing at Khan Academy. She manages the team that increases the reach and tells the story of her organization with content marketing, SEO, email, social, paid ads, and growth marketing.

Stephanie Yamkovenko


Stephanie is an experienced digital marketer and strategist who is passionate about storytelling. Throughout her career, Stephanie has increased reach, engagement, and brand awareness by telling the organization’s story across digital platforms.

Digital Strategy

Stephanie leads the digital marketing team at Khan Academy that is responsible for content marketing, SEO, email, social, paid ads, and growth marketing. The team drives growth and engagement of our 100 million registered users.

Team management

Stephanie built a team of expert digital marketers with deep craft and experience. The team recently drove a successful launch of Khan Academy's AI-powered tutor, Khanmigo, driving tens of thousands of users to join our beta waitlist. Stephanie spoke with Vox about how she and her team use artificial intelligence at work.


Digital Analytics

Stephanie tracks and benchmarks metrics to create actionable insights for key stakeholders. Stephanie has contributed to a steady rise in digital engagement metrics for her organization. Her work was featured as a cover story in Associations Now magazine.

High-performing teams

Stephanie leads a high-performing remote team of senior marketers and content creators in a results-oriented environment where each member demonstrates a profound sense of ownership and responsibility for their roles and results. 

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