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Digital strategy is more than storytelling. Learn about several projects that showcase Stephanie's skills in solving problems.

Federated Search

Stephanie's team implemented a federated search to boost user satisfaction and e-commerce sales.

Online Community

The online community that Stephanie helped launch won the best launch of the year by Higher Logic.

Digital Analytics

Stephanie led a project to implement cross-property Google Analytics tracking using Google Tag Manager.

Social Strategy

How do you celebrate a year-long Centennial on social media? With a well-designed strategy targeting your audience.

Federated Search

With multiple content management systems and digital properties, users were not able to find the content they needed. Stephanie's team implemented a federated search to bring content in to the search results of the flagship website.

How Would a User Expect to Search?

Search analytics showed that users were searching for content housed in a separate CMS and in our store. Mapping out the user's journey, we created an intuitive UI to help the user expand their search results and find what they were looking for.

Helping Users Find Valuable Content

As a membership organization, content is one of the most valuable member benefits. Federated search helps connect our members with the content they need and drives e-commerce to the store.

Search Analytics Strategy

Stephanie presented a workshop about using search analytics to inform a content development strategy at the 2018 Coveo Impact Conference. She used real examples from this project and provided attendees ideas they could implement.

Stephanie's Coveo Impact Presentation

Award-Winning Online Community Launch

We knew our members craved a community, but our platform was outdated, buggy and underused. After comparing platforms, we implemented a user-friendly online community with a new brand. 

Stephanie participated in the platform selection process, including reaching out to her network to compare platforms other organizations were using. She built the site with the help of the vendor, designing the pages and writing UX copy. She now works directly with the community manager to implement engagement strategies and mentors the volunteer forum coordinators.

AOTA's online community won the most successful launch award by Higher Logic in 2018. Higher Logic recognizes the most successful communities each year and they said, "our team was in awe of how easy you all and your members made a community launch look."

Cross-Property Digital Analytics

Multiple digital properties made it difficult to track a user's journey. Stephanie led a project to implement cross-property Google Analytics tracking that now helps her organization answer granular questions and make smarter, data-informed decisions.

The Problem

With multiple properties each with unique Google Analytics accounts, we couldn't track how users interacted with our sites

The Solution

We partnered with a vendor who helped implement Google Tag Manager so we'd be able to track the user journey across properties. 

Stephanie featured in Associations Now cover story.

The Outcome

Stephanie's team can now answer granular questions about our users, we can test and enhance our sites, and we can easily set and monitor goals.

The Follow Up

Stephanie presented about the project at the ASAE Technology Conference and was featured in an Associations Now magazine cover story.

Social Strategy for Centennial

The profession was celebrating its 100-year anniversary. Stephanie developed a year-long social media campaign to celebrate the centennial.

The strategy for social media had to sustain engagement throughout the year without audience fatigue. Stephanie developed a calendar of content that would instill excitement and pride in the audience. Stephanie helped build a Centennial-themed website, produced short historical videos and multimedia packages, and worked with an editorial archive team to select artifacts from the profession's 100-year history.